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Accurate Recording Technology
USP 797 & 800 Compliance Web-based Software
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Ensure 797 & 800 Compliance With the preferred pharmacy activity documentation software

A.R.T (Accurate Recording Technology) USP 797/800 Compliance Software by  Carter-Health is an industry leading and affordable solution for keeping record of the numerous activities required by USP 797/800. Ongoing Environmental  Monitoring, Personnel Training and Testing, and Equipment and Room Certification is easily  achieved with A.R.T.'s secure, easy to use web-based interface.
Quick Entry Screen
Facility Dashboard
Daily Documentation Log

USP 797 Activity Documentation Software Features:

Core Features:

  • Pre-Built USP 797/800 Required Tasks Including Environmental Documentation, Sampling, and Cleaning
  • Quick Entry Screen Allows Most Facilities to Complete Daily Documentation Tasks In Minutes
  • Alert Notifications for Overdue or Out of Range Readings
  • Process for Documenting Corrective Actions for Out of Range Readings

Personnel Certifications:

  • Pre-Built Observational Assessments & USP 797/800 Competency Exam
  • Easily Create and Add Additional Assessments and Exams
  • Media Fill Testing and Fingertip Sampling Results Documentation
  • Personnel Certification File Repository
  • Easily Manage Personnel Certification Status and Re-Certifications

Equipment & Room Certification:

  • Organization of all Certification Documents in One Place
  • Third Party Certifiers Can Upload Results Directly into A.R.T.

Reporting Features:

  • Five Pre-Built Reporting Templates to Quickly Access Any Needed Data
  • Facility Dashboard Provides a Quick Snapshot of All Activities in a Given Time Frame
  • Comprehensive Inspection Report to Expedite State Board Inspection Process
  • All Data and Reports are Easily Exportable in a Variety of Formats

Additional Features:

  • Available Set of 30 Editable, Standard Operating Procedures
  • Comprehensive Task Management System for Non-USP 797/800 Activities
  • Document Repository to Upload and Organize Training Materials, SOP’s and other Materials for Staff Access

Ordering Information:

  • Available through Amerisource-Bergen or Direct
  • Annual Licensing Agreement
  • Flexible Billing Terms: Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly

Other Add-on Features:

  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Online ordering of disposable products