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USP 797 Software

A.R.T. (Accurate Recording Technology) USP 797 Compliance Software by Carter-Health is the preferred pharmacy activity documentation software product that allows users to completely manage activities associated with USP 797 sterile compounding activities. As an online resource, the healthcare facility does not have to worry about integration of the product onto its network, making implementation quick and seamless. Pharmacy directors will have the confidence in an industry leading software product to record, manage and retrieve data that was developed with the help of their colleagues.

With the daily pressures of having to meet budget, A.R.T. was developed as an economical solution to help pharmacies keep record of the numerous activities required by USP 797.



Quick Entry Screen - USP 797 Software Dashboard Reporting - USP 797 Software USP 797 Documentation - Daily Documentation
 Quick Entry Screen  Facility Dashboard  Daily Documentation Log

USP797 Activity Documentation Software Features:

Core Features:

  •  Pre-Built USP 797 Required Tasks Including Environmental Documentation, Sampling, and Cleaning
  • Quick Entry Screen Allows Most Facilities to Complete Daily Documentation Tasks In Minutes
  • Alert Notifications for Overdue or Out of Range Readings
  • Process for Documenting Corrective Actions for Out of Range Readings

Personnel Certifications:

  • Pre-Built Observational Assessments & USP 797 Competency Exam
  • Easily Create and Add Additional Assessments and Exams
  • Media Fill Testing and Fingertip Sampling Results Documentation
  • Personnel Certification File Repository
  • Easily Manage Personnel Certification Status and Re-Certifications

Equipment & Room Certification:

  • Organization of all Certification Documents in One Place
  • Third Party Certifiers Can Upload Results Directly into A.R.T.

Reporting Features:

  • Five Pre-Built Reporting Templates to Quickly Access Any Needed Data
  • Facility Dashboard Provides a Quick Snapshot of All Activities in a Given Time Frame
  • Comprehensive Inspection Report to Expedite State Board Inspection Process
  • All Data and Reports are Easily Exportable in a Variety of Formats

Additional Features:

  • Available Set of 30 Editable, Standard Operating Procedures
  • Comprehensive Task Management System for Non-USP 797 Activities
  • Document Repository to Upload and Organize Training Materials, SOP’s and other Materials for Staff Access

Ordering Information:

  • Available through Amerisource-Bergen or Direct
  • Annual Licensing Agreement
  • Flexible Billing Terms: Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly

Other Add-on Features:

  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Online ordering of disposable products