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Capabilities Statement 


Carter-Health is a turn-key solutions provider of USP 797/800 Compliance for health care systems, compounding pharmacies, oncology clinics, research facilities, and medical manufacturers. Based in Florida with a national presence, Carter-Health helps facilities maintain compliance with USP 797/800 regulations through consultations, cleanroom design/build, custom designed disposable apparel, affordable activity documentation software, cleanroom supplies, and more.

Your Compliance is Our Business

   Core Competencies 

Our approach combines a decade of experience with a deep understanding of the challenges hospitals and pharmacies face with compliance, budgets and personnel. Our expertise in communication and collaboration result in proven and reliable USP 797/800 Compliance solutions. With over 300 SKU’s, our portfolio of products satisfy the needs of multiple departments.
Responsive and Reliable:
     • Meet agreed deadlines
     • Provide timely solutions
     • Fast order turn around
     • Container Program
     • Customization
     • Highly competitive pricing
High Standards:
     • High level customer service
       and quality
     • Partnership oriented
     • Speedy Delivery
Ease of Purchase:
     • Available through:
             - Favorite wholesaler
             - Online ordering
             - Direct account

USP 797/800
USP 797/800
Cleanrooms provided by Carter-Health are the cost-effective solution to meet ISO-04 to ISO-8 requirements for the Medical and Manufacturing industries. Designs are customized and specific to each customer’s work-flow requirements and space constraints.
Carter-Health manufactures certified cleanroom class 1 disposable IV Lab Coats that are lightweight, comfortable and cost effective. IV Lab coats are also offered in PrePak Kits along with a full line of disposable, medical apparel including high quality / low priced isolation gowns and gloves. Non-sterile and sterile versions now available.
Carter-Health offers pharmacies a one - stop - solution for cost savings on high quality cleanroom supplies. Wipes, Cleaners & Disinfectants, Mopping Systems, Testing Kits, and more.
A.R.T. (Accurate Recording Technology) USP 797/800 Compliance Software by Carter-Health is the preferred pharmacy activity documentation software product that allows users to completely manage activities associated with USP 797/800 sterile compounding activities. A.R.T. is the easiest software to use and most affordable solution.
Consultation services include both remote and onsite analysis of your physical plants and current product utilization. Design and product recommendations that we provide come with a guarantee of 797 / 800 compliance.
    Over 1,000 healthcare systems and facilities have turned to Carter-Health to meet their USP 797 / 800 compliance needs.
 Product / Services
• Cleanroom Design
• Cleanroom Installation
• Cleanroom Supplies
• Sterile Disinfectants
• Gloves
• Disposable Apparel
• Isolation Gowns
• Product Development/Sourcing
• USP 797/800
  Consultation Services
• USP 797/800 Software
• Media Fill Kits &
  Agar Test Plates